5 signs that your partner is no more interested

Sometimes you are in a relationship and it still feels like you are not, the rest of mind that comes with having a partner or someone to call yours is no longer there or lost,

The connection is absent, it just feels like you are in your own world instead of “our world”. I understand perfectly, the problem might not be you, It might that your partner.

Some of these might be signs that your partner is no longer interested.

Either ways, if your partner exhibits any of these signs, then you might need to prepare your mind

Today, I will be showing you 5 signs that your partner is no longer interested. Without wasting your time, lets get started.

We will be discussing these listed points
  • Mental Loneliness
  • Begging for attention
  • Complains about everything
  • Starts keeping distance
  • No more opening-up
Mental Loneliness

Feeling lonely is normal, but when you are in a relationship, that means you are no more alone in your thought. It means you now have someone to share your thoughts with. Distance doesn’t have anything to do with loneliness.

You can be living close to your partner, if there is no strong connection, you will still feel alone, just the same way there can be distance, but with a strong connection, you will always feel okay because you rub minds together regularly and have mutual agreement over things.

Begging for attention

When you are with the right person, you don’t beg for what you deserve. If you are in a relationship, getting attention is your right, so when you now have to beg your partner to listen to you, or you complain before he or she can listen to you, call you, visit you or even pick your calls, then you might need to face the reality that you are no more priority. Exploring your mind further explain that in their article

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Complains about everything

This is one of the tactics when you are no more needed in their life. Whatever you do doesn’t seem appreciated, instead you look so imperfect that your laugh becomes irritating.

Some of the things they complain about
  • When you call- it’s at the wrong time
  • Your complain means you are not understanding
  • If you don’t call, they don’t call as well or they are even happy you didn’t call
  • You try to play, they are not in the mood
  • They will promise to call you, but will not
  • Virtually there is nothing you do that is okay. Etc.

If your partner has started showing you any of the listed points, then start preparing for the worst. Except the excuse given is reasonable, you might be the only one in the relationship.

Starts keeping distance

The same partner that used to feel like visiting you, calling you or chatting with you suddenly becomes busy to hear from you. trust me, it might one of the signs that your partner is no interestedIt might be a sign you are now just a person they used to know. So before hearing the breaking news from them, you might need to be preparing to move on.

No more opening-up

If someone that used to open up to you about his or her plans for tomorrow, or in the next 5 years, what they have in mind, someone that used to ask for your opinion about things suddenly stopped. Then you need to ask questions without wasting time.

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Talk to your partner and ask what happened, if you ask and all you hear is nothing. Or “I’ve been busy” or “I don’t feel it’s necessary”.

Trust me, something is fishy. If that continues, you might start preparing your mind for the worst. it might one of the signs that your partner is no longer more interested

Bottom Line

You can think you are in a relationship meanwhile your partner is already out, so these 5 signs that your partner is no longer interested will help you know when it’s time to finally say goodbye or prepare to hear it. Your view or comments are always appreciated. Cheers

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