7 Things a guy should avoid in a relationship

7 Things a guy should avoid in a relationship

Being in a real relationship is such a wonderful feeling as a guy, the fact that you have someone to call yours, someone to share your thoughts with,

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Being in a real relationship is such a wonderful feeling as a guy, the fact that you have someone to call yours, someone to share your thoughts with, the intimate time you spend with the person is an amazing experience.

But as the man of the relationship, simple things that you didn’t imagine could turn everything off.

If you want your relationship to move forward and not remain stagnant or end in break up from your mistake, trust me, there are certain things you should try not to do because they could turn a woman off. So i hope you are not in a hurry now? great, so lets get to details


I have to be sincere with you, no matter how much time you want to spend with your woman, always understand that she needs little space for herself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying leave her for some time when she doesn’t want to be left alone, what I’m trying to point out is, the two of you being together all the time is lovely but could create a little boring atmosphere which could easily make her get tired of your presence if care is not taken.

Allow her to chat with her friends, see her friends, and respect her privacy. Whether you want to hear it or not, there are times we just want to be alone even as men, think about our life aside relationship, plan things, go to social media, read trending things, have little fun time with friends, get updated and feel refreshed.

The truth is, she wants to miss you. It’s only when she misses you and you turn up that she can enjoy your company.


As a man, you have to differentiate work from the relationship, no woman wants a bossy husband. Being bossy is different from exercising your right as the head.

When at the office or working under someone, and your boss tells you to work for extra hours, you won’t say no unless you don’t want your job anymore.

But in a relationship, you always have to talk to your woman with respect when voicing out your stand, you didn’t hire her or gave her letter of appointment, so allow her defend herself or counter what you said with a genuine excuse, allow her pet you just to say yes to her request.

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Don’t be the “whatever I say must stand”. It doesn’t work that way bro.

Be financially Supportive

This mostly is connected to we guys, understand that there is a big difference between you don’t have at the moment and you don’t always have. Whether you want to hear it or not, finance is another area that is very important.

No one wants to associate with someone that finds it hard to help out. When you don’t have, your partner should know that you don’t have and believe you don’t have.

If you are stingy type, there is going to be a problem, this is because she will not believe you when you say you don’t have due to the fact that you have never had.

But when you usually help out in her financial difficulties or give when she doesn’t ask, trust me, when you say you don’t have, she will believe instantly and could even go out of her way to look for how to help you out when you are financially down. Real women are that wonderful.

Bringing your past to the present

Whatever happened in your previous relationship should not affect your mentality in the wrong way. I always tell people, make sure you heal from the previous wound before considering another relationship, you were cheated on or hurt in your previous relationship doesn’t mean every lady is the same. If you are still a wounded lion, you could maltreat the real woman that is actually meant for you and lose her in the process.

Comparing your woman to another

In fact, this could end the relationship in the twinkling of an eye. No one likes being on the bad side of comparison, so if you want to compare your woman at all, let it be that she’s better than the person you are comparing her with.

It’s disrespectful to compare your partner in a bad way, and if I’m being sincere, you won’t love to be compared to another guy that is better than you as well, so enjoy your woman’s good part and help her win over her weak points.

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Comparing your relationship to another

It is out-rightly wrong to compare your relationship with someone else, if you do that, you are killing your love for your partner little by little because you would always find fault in the relationship instead of looking for ways to make it better.

Every relationship is unique in its own way and should be allowed to develop. Mr A relationship led to marriage in a short time doesn’t mean yours should as well, don’t run more than your shadow.

You don’t have the same job and responsibility with Mr A, so work according to your time, and not according to someone else’s time.


I don’t need to explain this because you know it already, don’t cheat on her if you respect and love her. I’m sure you don’t want to be cheated on as well. If you still enjoy cheating or can’t be faithful to one woman, then don’t go into a relationship.

Don’t hurt someone’s daughter. And if you are doing it while in a relationship, you can’t be faithful in marriage, marriage doesn’t cure cheating, and cheating doesn’t add any value to your certificate. There is no special medal for it.

If your relationship is not working, look for ways to make it work, and if you can’t cope, move on, don’t cheat.

Be Man Enough

She does not want a kid in a man’s body, she wants to feel protected. She wants a man that can make decisions for both of them. When she wants you to be able to defend her when your family are speaking bad about her.

Whether you want to hear it or not, she didn’t accept you because of your family, rather, she accepted your family because of you, so protect her against family pressure and don’t be mummy’s boy. When you say yes in your relationship, no family member should confuse you to saying no unless on special occasions.

Bottom Line

You the man in the relationship doesn’t automatically make a less human, treat her like a queen and you will see the best of her.



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