Achieve your goals using these powerful steps

Achieve your goals using these powerful steps

Today, let's divert to a whole a new level, and what's that? let’s talk about achieving your goal. Many people have not been able to achieve their g

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Today, let’s divert to a whole a new level, and what’s that? let’s talk about achieving your goal. Many people have not been able to achieve their goals, not because they lack ideas but mostly because they go about it the wrong way.

Following these powerful steps will help you achieve either your business goals or financial goals will easily.

I’ve realized that the difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich are living their financial dreams while the poor are still dreaming.

Please pay a very close attention to everything discussed in this article as they may of great help to you… now let’s move on

let’s be factual, we all desire to be financially buoyant. I’ve met some people that have the financial capacity but lack ideas on the type of business to do, or what to do with the money, its okay if you fall to that category.

As we move on, you will know what to do because this article will touch that part too. Now it’s time to take the bull by the horn. It shouldn’t be until you are embarrassed because of a small amount or you see your salary as the price of a shoe before you wake up.

You might need a pen and a paper to jot few things down. Let’s get straight to business

No one ever said attaining success is easy, but the following can guarantee success if carefully followed:

  1. Have an Idea or Goal

First thing is to have what will drive you, what do you wish to become, what do you wish to do? where do you wish to be in few years’ time? answering these questions will drive you and push you.

Now, understand that the right goal is not something you can just sit, or sleep and come up with overnight. That only happen on rare cases.

Take your time, think about your life. Think about your future. Its normal you don’t come up with one goal.

It is possible you come up with 2 or 3, it’s not abnormal, it’s totally fine, but now you have narrow it down to one for a start, when that one start yielding profits, then you can stretch your wings to others. this is one of the things you should know to achieve your goals.

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Ask these questions if you find yourself coming up with more than one goal:

  • Which one do you really love?
  • Which one do you know you can do for years to come without getting tired
  • How much passion do you have for each goal

The reality is, any goal you set and you don’t see yourself doing it for long will not really get your 100% attention, even if it gets it at first, at some point, the passion will start reducing. So, to fully maximize your potential and achieve your goal, you need to critically check yourself and see which one you really have passion for. The highest percentage wins

I’m sure by now, answering that question would have narrowed everything down. Now let’s proceed

  • Plan

This phase involves drawing your plans, how do you wish to achieve your goals. Let’s assume you wish to go into importation. Your planning phase will involve

  • What do you want to sell?
  • Where do you want to sell it?
  • Is there market for it?
  • How do you intend to market it?
  • Who are your market targets i.e. the type people you want to sell to, male, female, old, young, rich or poor?

So your planning phase is the phase to draw a concrete strategy of how to bring about your idea or goal to reality. You understand now right, let’s move on

  • Focus

Here, I will quickly call your attention to something

Spend less: I’ve observed that some of us are not discipline when it comes to spending, no one can achieve anything without the habit of saving.

Whatever you wish to achieve, it will take you denying yourself of good life at the moment unless you are born into a rich family where money isn’t a problem.

So learn to save if you are really interested doing something serious with your future. Let’s continue, shall we?

I always tell people, no matter how big your dream is, without focus, you will either remain where you are, fluctuating, reach your goal at old age or not reach it at all. When it comes to how to achieve your goals, sacrifices will be involved.

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It’s like someone carrying a crate of eggs, someone like that does not look at people fighting by the road side, people insulting him or get distracted by anything. This is because he or she knows that a slight tripping, or mistake could make the crate fall.

So, before he will at least pay attention to them or reply them, he will first deliver the eggs to the destination, and then come back, which means he would have achieved his goals before paying attention to them.

So, it very dangerous to lose focus. Understand that people will discourage you about your goal, this is one reasons I always advice people not to tell their dreams to people except one person or two people that you know will motivate you and not give you 100 reasons its bad or it won’t work out.

  • Commitment

A dream without commitment is bound to be slow to becoming a reality. It’s just like someone in a relationship and not committed to his partner, he or she will definitely lose the partner at some point and later regret.

  • Consistency

Whatever you choose to do, be consistent with doing it. No one becomes rich with one trial, it takes several efforts and not giving up. That is why the story of all successful people is usually related to not giving up against all odds.

This is because they encountered many discouraging situations but still encouraged themselves.

  • Learn and make adjustment

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, when you make mistake, you learn, when you learn, its becomes an experience gained, then next time, you make adjustments to avoid the same outcome.

If you don’t make mistake, you won’t learn, and when you don’t learn, you don’t improve. So appreciate mistakes because it will help you know more and also help you in encouraging others that might pass through the same thing.

Bottom line

Now that you have an idea about how to achieve your goals, you will agree that how rich your mind is, is your number one step to bringing your dreams to reality. Jason Fried explained more about hard work. with this article, I hope you now have an idea about how to be a goal getter. As always, your comments are welcome. Cheers