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Celebrity Marriages

Naturally, one would think that celebrities should have the most lasting marriages, but the rate at which their relationships and marriages crash is alarming. Today, I will be taking a closer look into why Celebrities Marriages crash

No one brought domestic violence from birth, it is triggered by many things, some of which I will be talking about today, I will be discussing 5 most obvious reasons that could trigger domestic violence.

As sweet as relationship or marriage could be, Extreme nagging will never have a positive effect, instead, it kills the joy and love that partners have for each other. So, to what extent does nagging affect your marriage if not controlled? Let’s see:

         Today, marriages are no longer as charming and dream-worthy as it used to be. The rate at which marriages Read more…

Kids deserve to grow as kids, with beautiful experiences and memories. As parents, we need to understand that we are the number one set of people our kids see, we are the first mirror they look at. So domestic violence or arguing in front of our kids is something we should avoid because it has adverse effects on them much more than we can think off.

Marriage is just like an exam, you don’t prepare for an exam in the examination hall, you prepare before the Read more…