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Trump announces unprecedented action against China

US President, Donald Trump on Friday, launched a blistering attack on China, announcing a string of unprecedented actions against the communist state, that brings the US- China relationship to an all time low.

Tik Tok responds as Twitter users blast them for blocking

Tik Tok users observed that hashtags calling for justice for George Floyd have been blocked on the platform and they took to Twitter to blast the video sharing platform.

President Trump terminates US ties with World Health Organization

President Donald Trump has announced that the US is terminating its ties with the World Health Organization, WHO, and will suspend all funding to the organization.

Twitter tags President Trump

President Donald Trump’s tweet was given a fact-check label by Twitter for the first time on Tuesday May 26, a decision that prompted the US president to accuse the social media platform of meddling in election.

football federation suspended by FIFA after sexual abuse case was opened against him

Yves Jean-Bart, the President of the Haitian football federation has been suspended by FIFA from his post for 90 days after allegations emerged that he coerced teenage female players into having sex with him at the country’s national training centre.

Costa Rica legalizes same-sex marriage

Costa Rica has become the first Central American country to legalize same-sex marriage, following a court ruling which came into force at midnight.

of the Coronavirus pandemic as countries lift lockdown

The World Health Organization has warned that many countries could begin to see the ”second peak” of the Coronavirus pandemic if the lockdown restrictions are lifted too soon.

Japan completely lifts state of emergency in the country as COVID-19 outbreak is

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced on Monday that the state of emergency declared over the novel Coronavirus crisis is over in Japan, as the spread of the infections is now under control.

Adorable photos of "socially distant" baptism go viral

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, people are coming up with new ways to do things while maintaining social distancing.

Two people pulled out alive from wreck of Airbus A320 that crashed in Karachi after

At least two people including a bank executive have been pulled alive from the wreckage of an Airbus A320 which crashed after an ‘engine failure’ in Pakistan on Friday May 22, with 98 people on board.

Politicians defend Nurse who wore only underwear under see-through PPE gown in male hospital ward as new image emerges

A Russian nurse was disciplined for wearing only lingerie beneath a transparent protective gown while treating coronavirus patients. She is now afraid of losing her job after her images went viral.

Trump will lose 2020 election in a landslide because of the economy, new election model predicts

The Coronavirus caused economic recession in the US and it might cause Donald Trump to suffer a “historic defeat” in November, a new national election model has predicted.

Confirmed Coronavirus cases hit 5 million worldwide

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide has crossed 5 million, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

Wuhan officially bans eating wild animals as Coronavirus drives a crackdown on illegal wildlife trade

Authorities in Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, have officially banned eating, hunting and breeding wild animals.

ISIS commander, Abdul Nasser Qirdash captured in a raid by Iraqi special forces

ISIS commander, Abdul Nasser Qirdash captured in a raid by Iraqi special forces

Trump holds full cabinet meeting but no government official is seen wearing facemask

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday evening US time, held a full cabinet meeting to discuss his administration’s Coronavirus response and how to stop the spread of the virus as over 92,000 people have died from the deadly disease in the US.

Joe Biden calls Trump's son 'sick' for suggesting he's a pedophile and says Trump is 'petty' for not wanting to hang Obama's portrait

Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has slammed Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr, saying the US president is petty for not letting the White House staff hang Barack Obama’s potrait in the White House until he leaves office while also slamming Trump Jr as a ‘sick person’ after the president’s son suggested that Biden was a paedophile.

Missouri inmate will be executed tonight in first execution since pandemic began after he was convicted for killing an elderly woman nearly 3 decades ago

A Missouri man, who was sentenced to death for killing an elderly woman nearly three decades ago, is set to become the first person to be executed since the coronavirus pandemic was announced.

White House portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama will not be unveiled until Donald Trump leaves office

Barack and Michelle Obama’s presidential and first lady portraits will not be unveiled and hung in the White House until Donald Trump is out of office.

Health system in Brazil's largest city Sao Paulo in danger of collapse amid Coronavirus crisis

The healthcare system of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, is in danger of collapsing due to the mounting cases of Coronavirus, its mayor has warned.

Coronavirus pandemic hits another grim milestone as global death toll reaches 300,000

The coronavirus pandemic has passed yet another bleak milestone as the global death toll hit 300,000, with more than 4.4 million cases being recorded.

US looking to get COVID-19 vaccine

President Donald Trump said on Friday that he’s hopeful to have a coronavirus vaccine on the market by the end of the year or shortly thereafter.

Du Wei, the Chinese Ambassador to Israel, was found dead in his apartment in a Tel Aviv suburb in the early hours of today Sunday May 17.