Domestic violence in Marriage: 5 things that can easily lead to it

No one brought domestic violence from birth, it is triggered by many things, some of which I will be talking about today, I will be discussing 5 most obvious reasons that could trigger domestic violence.

But first, we need to understand the meaning of domestic violence.

Meaning of Domestic Violence

From my personal view, I will say domestic violence is an aggressive attitude or behaviour towards one’s spouse which involves hitting, pushing or we can say, it’s an aggressive attitude that causes your partner physical, and emotional pain.

With the definition in the bag, let’s get to details already.

5 Reasons for domestic violence

Family pressure

This mostly happens when family pressure one to get married, and eventually get married to someone he or she doesn’t love out of pressure. Let’s assume he’s a man, he will easily become aggressive towards the partner, and any slight complaint could even trigger hitting his spouse.

Trust me, someone that is no more interested in a marriage or tired will get upset over the slightest things.

Financial Stress

This aspect could make anyone have anger issues at any moment. Naturally, when we are broke, or we don’t have enough, the simplest things could get us upset.

It’s the same with a man that is temporarily unable to dispense, he will easily be caught up in his thought, thinking of what to do and how to provide for his family.

He is already unstable both physically and mentally, so any little misunderstanding between him and his spouse could bring out the beast part of him.

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His Violence attitude is not because he meant to hit his spouse, but because he was already in a state that getting inside his head already.

Anger issues

The truth is, any partner suffering from this should work on him or herself. It destroys and doesn’t solve anything. The truth is, a partner with anger issues risk the chance of destroying his marriage or relationship.

A man with anger issues will easily find offence in simple and harmless things his wife does; He is always in the mood for Domestic Violence.

Such men will not understand how marriage works because they will find it extremely hard to tolerate their partner’s mistakes or weakness.

From the part of women, a woman with anger issues will always provoke her man to hit her which could lead to Domestic Violence.

While the anger issues in a man could lead to Domestic Violence, Anger problem in a woman could lead to destruction of properties, injuring one’s partner or even kids.  

Family Background

This might sound new to you, but not every man or woman with Domestic Violence attitude have anger issues, financial pressure, family pressure or whatever; some people are as a result of family background.

Some people were exposed to father and mother fighting in their presence while growing up, some people came from Domestic Violence home, so they grew up thinking it was normal for fathers to beat mothers hit mothers or normal for mothers to hold fathers by the shirt and push them.

In one of my articles, I discussed the negative effects Domestic Violence have on kids, if you miss that article, no worries, feel free to read it here.

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So, one of the effects is that they grow up to become a carbon copy of their parents or even worse, thinking it’s normal.

This is why parents must be careful enough not to allow their misunderstandings to get the better side of them, and they must also be careful not allow their kids see them shout on each other.

The reality is that, it has more effects on the kids than their parents, and one of it being talked about here.

Extreme Nagging

Lastly, extreme nagging could push one’s partner into doing the unthinkable. Nagging is mostly attributed to women, so permit me to talk directly to women here.

When you nag, it makes your man believe he is not doing something right, so he needs to make amends. It becomes extreme nagging when it’s becoming too much and making the man look irresponsible.

When you do it, it makes the man feel like he’s not doing his job as the husband, or he is just a bad husband or partner.

So as a woman, you nag because you want your partner to do something he is not doing, but when it becomes too much, it passes another message which could make the man lose his cool and raise his voice, and we both know when a man starts raising his voice, it could lead to Domestic Violence if care is not taken.

Bottom Line

In essence, domestic violence is not never okay, and the effect could go as far as affecting our innocent kids and corrupting their mind to seeing nothing wrong in hitting one’s partner.

What’s on your mind? let’s talk in the comment section. Cheers

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