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Relationship: 7 Signs that he is wasting your time

Hey babe, how are you? babe, I feel we need to talk. The truth is, I understand having someone to call yours is awesome, but being in a relationship with the wrong person is the fastest way to lose weight, how? Because such poisonous relationship takes away your rest of mind, mental peace, and it makes you pay less attention to important things in your life, so automatically, loss of weight and high bp is inevitable.

How does it start? The whole story usually starts when you start thinking you guys will last together, not knowing your partner is only using you to wail away his time or using you for the fun of the moment. I understand that pain, which is why I’ve drafted out some signs to note so as to know whether he is using you or not.

Signs that he is wasting your time

Before going into details, let me quickly ship this in, always pay attention to your man’s behaviour, it will easily help you detect if you are wasting your time or not. Now let’s get going

shying away from marriage talks

Naturally, the goal of a serious relationship is marriage, but the moment marriage talk comes, he will either look for a way to quickly make it end or look uninterested.

Never talks about you guys future

When you are with the right person, when he talks about the future, you are always included. Whatever he says, it’s “WE” instead of “I”. when he talks about the future, you are always in the picture.

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Doesn’t protect you

In this regard, I will plead with you, never say yes to a man that allows his family disrespect you, even behind your back. Trust me, if he is not man enough to defend you, then going into marriage with such person will be a problem because you will have to leave the rest of your life trying to please your in-laws.

The right person will not allow any disrespect either from friends or family. He makes his family be at peace with you.

He can even buy a gift for his mom or family members and pretend you bought it for them.

Only gives you attention when he is interested in sex

Such men are a parasite in a relationship, they only want you to come over or they come over when they are in the mood, if you are in such relationship, please come out of it unless you are in for the fun and not something serious.

Always Busy

The right person will always create time for you, it’s not a theory, it’s fact and it’s practical. If they can find time for what is taking their attention, definitely they can create time for you as well. So, if you know you don’t get enough attention, and it is killing you, please move out of such relationship, it’s better than cheating on him.

Feels uncomfortable checking his phone

A relationship is not meant to have secrets, at least, access to phone should not be a problem, but If he gets unnecessarily uncomfortable whenever the phone is with you, trust me, something is fishy. Be careful.

Cheats uncontrollably

Cheating once is okay, but when he turns cheating to hobby and does it all the time, beg for forgiveness., you forgive him, he does it again and ask for forgiveness.

relationship cheating

Ask yourself if this keeps happening in the relationship, what do you think will happen in marriage? hey girl, you deserve peace of mind.

You deserve someone you can trust around your friends or ladies, not some indiscipline boy in a man’s body that can’t control what he has between his legs.

Bottom Line

It might be a serious relationship to you, but just fun to your partner. So how do you detect he is just playing you or using you to quench his sex urge or pass away time. These signs should help you with hints. Cheers dear, that’s all I have for you today, hope I’ve not taken much of your time.

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