Guys corner: How to know you are ready for marriage

This question has always been one of the top questions that pops up when in the early matured age of guys. However, you will be shocked that there ar

This question has always been one of the top questions that pops up when in the early matured age of guys. However, you will be shocked that there are certain things that will tell when you are ready for marriage and none of those things is age.

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The reality is, a man could get married at 40 years and divorce 6 months or keep struggling in that marriage for years, or divorce few years after, while another man could get married at 24 and still stay with the partner till death without struggling to make things work. It’s funny, right?

So, really, the question about “what age” is not really the right question, because marriage is more than age, its much about “are you ready?” So how will you know you are ready? Follow me, friend, let’s find out.

How to know if you are ready for marriage

When you are emotionally mature

Here, I will also discuss cheating, but before then, let me ask you like a guy, can you control your emotions? Or do your emotions get better of you when it’s extreme?

The reality is, don’t prepare for the best when marriage is involved and don’t prepare for the worst, Just be ready to make things work with your partner.

Yes, you guys know the in and out of each other, despite that, you guys still have misunderstandings ones in a while, right? Now imagine leaving together for years under the same roof.

Hey bro, I’m not trying to scare you, because I can tell you are imagining it already..lol.

What I’m saying is, be ready to tolerate some things. She’s not perfect, neither are you. So don’t expect her without flaws, there is no one without flaws.

Tolerate her imperfectness to avoid broken marriage or domestic violence.

It is when you understand her weakness and accept her that you can enjoy the marriage, this is because you will be able to overlook certain things and just enjoy her good parts while helping her to work on her flaws.

Extra tip: there is nothing like “I m a perfectionist, so my marriage must be perfect”.

No bro, you have to lower your standard, marriage is not about perfectness, its about understanding your partner, enjoying her and helping her grow more, trust me, you will enjoy her.

  • Cheating

Be discipline emotionally, I know you see many pretty girls and you are sometimes pushed to flirt around. There is no medal for it, so don’t bother.

Have total control over what is between your legs. In marriage, it is only meant for your woman, no one else.

When you are financially mature

Bro, stop having this mentality that without money it will work out. This isn’t the stone age where a dollar can feed the whole house.

Let’s be real, a dollar can’t feed you 100% for breakfast talk less of feeding two people.

That means you need to work hard to enough to feed two mouths conveniently before thinking of going further with marriage.

It’s your job as a man to provide for your spouse.

I tell guys “what makes you a man is not what is between your legs, but rather your ability to understand, accept and carry out your responsibility”

Extra tip: Brave Achiever also said “there is no woman that does not love money, it’s their level of patience that differ. While lady A can be patient for 6months, lady B could be patient for 15years, and lady C could be patient for just 3 weeks for you to make things work”.

So, don’t even for once think your spouse doesn’t like money, understand she’s not complaining yet because she’s still believing in you to a soon.

I mean, who hates a good life, even you can testify that good life is far better than struggling life.

Note: you don’t have to be a millionaire, just be okay enough for marital life.

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When you are mentally ready

Lastly, being mentally ready mostly has to do with how your coordinates his home. How he makes the right decisions. How he makes sure the house is in order without informing friends, or family

Also, you should be able to understand that your wife is your partner, not some slave or maid paid to or sworn into work and give birth alone.

You should understand that she needs help, make house chores and other house duties easier for her.

It doesn’t make you less of a man, it means you value, respect and understand how tiring the chores could be when done alone or become too much.

So being mentally ready has to do with the understanding what you do, and doing them, wisdom on how to handle issues. intelligence etc.

Bottom line

Age is important when considering marriage as a man, but the bigger question is “are you ready?” every good thing requires sacrifice and personal development.

Age is not a determinant of when you should get married. What will determine that is how ready you are.

I’ve been able to categorize this readiness into 3 major areas. So, are you sure you are ready? If yes, then you have no problem waiting any longer except your partner isn’t ready or you want to enjoy single hood much longer.

But if you still find yourself lacking in one of these areas, don’t sweat about it, just work on yourself until you are fully ready, don’t leave or postpone anything until after marriage. Cheers.


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