Is Cheating an Accident?

Is Cheating an Accident?

We live in a world where cheating is becoming increasingly normal, and when it happens and the cheater is caught, the most popular excuse has always

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We live in a world where cheating is becoming increasingly normal, and when it happens and the cheater is caught, the most popular excuse has always been “it’s an accident?”. So Is cheating an accident as most cheaters claim? I guess we will find out soon.

“its an accident” is becoming the national anthem or pizza of most cheaters which will lead us to the discussion of today. Is cheating an accident? Your comments are appreciated. Now, let’s get straight to business before the stew on hot plate gets cold. Lol.

Before going deeper, let’s analysis what an accident is, shall we?

What is an accident?

An accident is an unfortunate event that happens unexpectedly in the twinkling of an eye. Something bad you didn’t prepare for. At least, that is the google’s standard definition

From this simple explanation, we can say no one enjoys an accident, we can as well say accidents are painful. Let’s move on

If a man decides to commit suicide and then runs to the front of a moving truck and it hit him, can we call that an accident?

Partially because, to the viewers, it’s an accident, to the driver of the truck, it was an accident, but to the victim, it was not an accident because it was what he wanted and then planned his way towards running to a moving truck.

I hope you are following the breakdown? Great, because the little explanation from the definition of an accident will help more as we go deeper in answering the question of today.

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Is Cheating really an Accident?

Permit me to be direct in this article, it will help me in being real with you.

Female detective catching cheating wife red handed

What are those things that will take place before cheating?

Cheating is a gradual process, so lets get to the steps involved

  • Chats or talks would have taken place
  • Visitation agreement would have chipped in
  • Intimacy would then come in after the visitation

Now, let’s assume intimacy was an accident, let’s assume the two kissing and romancing was an accident, we can agree that cloth removing isn’t an accident neither can we say ending up in bed with the person was by accident.

Let me call our attention back to when I said accidents are unfortunate events and no one enjoy it.

So can we say the same for people that cheated? The answer is NO, so if for a moment you enjoyed yourself, why call it accident when in reality you could have easily stopped if you didn’t want it? or have you seen anyone coming out to say “when the vehicle crushed my leg, I enjoyed it?” the question is funny but that’s the reality.

Only someone that was sexually harassed can say he or she didn’t enjoy sex

Bottom Line

Is cheating an accident? I’m sure you can answer that now. Cheating is not an accident, no one enjoys an accident, you enjoyed the moment and went for it at once. So it was not an accident.

Your comments or view will be much appreciated. Cheers