Married police officer’ suspended’ after alleged side chic blasts him on Facebook and claims she’s pregnant
Married police officer
Married police officer

A married police officer from Clarksville, Tennessee, has been suspended and may lose his job after his alleged side chic took to Facebook to expose him and reveal she’s pregnant with his child.

A week ago, a Caucasian woman, named Lauren Bell, wrote on Facebook that she was having a sexual relationship with Jarreil Peoples and she’s now pregnant with his child. She also claimed that she conceived the child while he was on duty.

She then followed up with sonogram pictures and said Jarreil never told her he was married. She added that he always told her that he wanted to start a family.

She wrote: “Congratulations of officer Jarreil Peoples for getting me pregnant even though he is married. Has been for 12 long years!!!!

“Congrats to the new step mommy Brittany Peoples. Hope you’re ready for this long journey boo boo!!!!!! Cant wait to let the whole Clarksville police department know that you’ve been cheating on your wife for 6 months now, and such a wonderful officer protecting and serving the streets of clarksville by sleeping with me WHILE ON DUTY!!!!!!”

Married police officer

She wrote in another post: “Just a disclaimer, I didn’t know this ni**a was married till I found out I was pregnant. Whole time he was telling me he wanted a family blah blah blah.  Then as soon as I found out he said he wasn’t happy and that he was planning on leaving her. This dude ain’t sh*t. That’s why I’m snappin.”

Married police officer

Her accusations came as a surprise because Jarreil is one of Clarksville’s most respected officers Jarreil Peoples. He has been married for 12 years with kids.

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Married police officer

Officer Peoples with his family

It has now been claimed that Officer Peoples has been suspended.

According to MTO, “Clarksville Police Chief Al Ansley confirmed to the media yesterday that Officer Peoples is now under internal investigation by the department and not working as an on-duty officer.”

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