My Open letter to the brokenhearted

My Open letter to the brokenhearted

I’ve written this open letter to everyone that have been heart broken or cheated on in their relationships

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I’ve written this open letter to every brokenhearted person that have been cheated or survived abusive relationship.

You thought everything was going to end well, but it instead turned to pains. The truth is, I understand how you feel.

I understand the fact that you felt peace when the whole story first started

The fact that they were calling and looking out for you. it looked like they wouldn’t live without you. You lay down and think of them, having this peace of mind that you finally found the one.

I perfectly understand how everything looked like it will end with joy, and how you would share it to people on how you met and how tough it was but you made it through together.

Is it the pain of how much time and efforts you have invested in the relationship in every possible way just to make things work out fine?

Or is it the time you have put in, even when it was not convenient for you?

I know of how you brought yourself so low and got disrespected but still didn’t care because you believe love tolerates

I know you ignored what people said about trusting the opposite partner after investing so much.

The truth is, I feel every single pain you’ve passed through, and I know it aches when you still remember like it was yesterday.

The reality is:

You have not done anything wrong by investing so much in the relationship

It was never your fault for believing so much in true love

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No one can blame you for giving it your all against all odds

Don’t worry, such people will get what’s coming to them, and it will hit them really hard. Karma will do its work.

Thank you:

I know how damaging it was emotionally, so thank you for not committing suicide over it

You deserve true love for giving your all.

I appreciate your effort in trying to stay strong and hopeful

Surviving emotional depression is not easy, thank you.

Don’t give up:

Don’t say because you were hurt so badly, you will avenge on other persons.

Yes, live with the memory until it hurts no more.

Don’t poison your heart against love

You deserve the best, someone that will wake up every day and think for a second “how did I get this amazing person”

Continue to give love a chance

Don’t hate your ex for making you pass through those pains

Instead, be stronger and gain experience from it.

Now take note of the following:

As a lady, say no to sex before marriage, if they can’t wait, let them go

Don’t stand too low that you would be seen as desperate

Love yourself so much first, before going into another relationship, it will make you value yourself and make you speak up when you are being taken for granted

Don’t attach your happiness to him or her, let it be within you

Give your all, but let it be 50/50. Anything less is not to be considered.

Bottom Line

I know how much it hurts but don’t lose hope, I know how much you wish to show your anger, but don’t pass it to another innocent soul.

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Take your time, love yourself, get rid of your ex memory until it hurts no more before saying yes to another person. You will definitely laugh last.

I’m not trying to make you feel better. That’s the truth. Cheers.