Powerful ways to enjoy your Relationship

Powerful ways to enjoy your Relationship

Relationship is not meant to be bondage as most people now see it to be. it is called relationship because it does not involve only you, it has to be

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Relationship is not meant to be bondage as most people now see it to be. it is called relationship because it does not involve only you, it has to be an agreement between two hearts that wants the same thing.

People ask me, why is it that relationship nowadays end in the twinkling of an eye?

The truth is there is no definite answer because we have many factors, but I’ve been able to come up with some relationship tips that will be beneficial to any reader. follow me, lets go deeper into this.

If you are not enjoying your relationship, all you need might just be little tweaks and things will become smooth. So why not try this powerful Tips and your relationship life could be back on track.

Powerful ways to enjoy your relationship

Respect Your Partner

Respect looks simple but it’s hard to give, giving regards to your partner is very important because it makes them realise they have a say in the relationship and their voice counts.

But understand that respect and tolerance are two different things, you are respectful does not mean you should tolerate some things and not speak up.

Stop Being Bossy

This is mostly attributed to men, being bossy is part of  7 Powerful Things a guy should avoid in a relationship in one of my articles.

A relationship is coming together of two people to build something serious, not coming together of the boss and a worker for a common aim.

So understand that your woman deserves to be heard, don’t just tell her to do things all the time, sit down like teammates and sort things out, understand she’s not in the relationship to worship you neither was the relationship a deal or contract. So being bossy is automatically killing the joy of the relationship gradually

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Be romantic

Being romantic is not gender-specific, take time out of your busy schedule, send romantic text, flirt with each other either through text or during the call, reassure him or her of the feelings and your promises you made when you started. It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing and it doesn’t have to be routine.

There are days you sit and think of how much you love your partner, don’t hide those feelings that moment, type them out either through text or WhatsApp and forward it to your partner, trust me, it will catch them by surprise. And the reality is you’ve made the day a good one for them.

Be slow to anger

No relationship can be enjoyed with an anger issue if as a partner, you know you get upset easily. You might need to work on yourself if you love your partner.

Stop Trying to catch your partner

Sounds funny, right? Yeah, This usually happens when you don’t trust your partner or you feel your partner is hiding something, so whatever he or she does become suspicious when even their heart is pure or innocent.

Be rest assured that as long as you are true to your feelings, a cheating partner will always play to your hands no matter how long it takes.

So if instead of enjoying your man or woman, you are busy playing “I must catch you” card, trust me, you won’t enjoy the relationship because your peace of mind is taken away by unnecessary thoughts. And instead of seeing the good part and create memories, you will be developing unnecessary headache.

Don’t take each other for granted

Finally, you have to realize that your partner doesn’t talk or gentle does not mean you continue to hurt them. Trust me, when they are pushed to the limit, you could see the beast part of them.

I always tell people that, in every man, which includes women as well, there is beauty as well as beast. So appreciate your partner’s cool attitude and respect them enough.

Bottom Line

Relationship won’t work if certain things are not put together, and i hope this tips have help a little, your view or comments are always welcome, you can also subscribe or on the notification bar at the bottom part so as to receive instant notifications of my next post.


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