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Cop removes colleague's knee from protester's neck

A video of a cop removing the knee of his colleague from a protester’s neck has gone viral after being shared online.

Trump designates anti-fascist group ANTIFA as a terrorist organization

In the wake of protests that erupted in different American cities over the police killing of George Floyd last week, US President Donald J. Trump on Sunday announced that the US would be designating ‘Antifa’ as a terrorist organization.

White cop charged with murdering George Floyd

Derek Chauvin, the white police officer arrested and charged with the murder of George Floyd is “effectively on suicide watch” and being checked in on all the time as he remains in an isolated cell

GoFundMe created for the memorial fund of George Floyd has now raised over $4.6 million in just three days

A GoFundMe campaign to help the family of George Floyd, the black man who died after a white Minneapolis police officer forcefully kneeled on his neck during his arrest, has now raised over $4.6 million in just three days.

Prince Joachim of Belgium tests positive for Coronavirus after attending a party with his girlfriend and 25 others in Spain

Prince Joachim of Belgium has tested positive for Coronavirus after attending a party with his girlfriend and 25 others in Spain.

New video shows three Minneapolis officers kneeling on George Floyd before he died

A new video shared online appears to show three Minneapolis Police Department officers kneeling on George Floyd during his arrest on Monday, which later led to his death.

Wife of ex-Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin files for divorce after her husband was charged with George Floyd's murder

Kellie Chauvin, the wife of ex-Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, has filed for divorce after her husband was arrested and charged with murder of George Floyd.

Taylor Swift blasts Donald Trump over threats to order the

Taylor Swift has slammed US president for threatening those violently protesting George Floyd’s death.

Barack Obama issues a statement on the death of George Floyd

Former US President Barack Obama has issued a statement on the death of George Floyd, the black man who died after being pinned down by a white police officer in Minneapolis on Monday.

notes that he had underlying health condition and asphyxiation is not the cause of his death

People have taken to Twitter to protest after the result of George Floyd’s autopsy stated that there are “no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation”, but noted that Floyd had underlying health conditions.

Texas mom kills her 9-year-old daughter before turning gun on herself in Murder-Suicide

A Texas mother killed her nine-year-old daughter before turning the gun on herself in a shocking murder-suicide.

Photo emerges showing the White cop who knelt on George Floyd's neck wearing a "Make Whites Great Again" hat as it's revealed this is not his first time harming a civilian

The identities of at least two of the 4 cops involved in the death of an African American man, George Floyd, have been revealed and one of the officers, the one who knelt on George’s neck, is being termed a racist after a photo of him wearing a “Make Whites Great Again” hat emerged.

Mary-Kate Olsen officially files for divorce from husband Olivier Sarkozy after 5-years of marriage

American fashion designer and former actress, Mary-Kate Olsen, has officially filed for divorce from husband Olivier Sarkozy after five years of marriage.

Boris Johnson says Coronavirus has affected his eyesight

The UK prime minister Boris Johnson has revealed his eyesight has been affected by the Coronavirus disease.

Divorce lawyers reveal ridiculous reasons why couples ended their marriage

“Till death do us part” is a vow most people make at their wedding. However, a new revelation made by divorce lawyers has shown that people sometimes leave their marriage for the most ridiculous reasons.

Douglas Ross resigns after Boris Johnson's aide breached lockdown rules

Douglas Ross, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Scotland and a Tory whip has resigned after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s aide breached lockdown rules.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson eases lockdown measures in the UK

The UK government has announced June 15 for the reopening of all non-essential retail stores as part of plans to further ease the lockdown measures.

Man murders wife by throwing a cobra at her after she was discharged from hospital following his initial attempt to kill her by releasing a viper into her bedroom

A man has been arrested for allegedly murdering his wife by letting loose a cobra in her room after first failing with a viper, police said on Monday.

The Identity of the black man who a white lady called police on has been uncovered

The identity of the African American Man who Caucasian lady, Amy Cooper called police on after he asked her to leash her dog at the Central Park in New York, has been uncovered.

Company reacts after its Caucasian staff was caught on video lying that an

The White woman who was caught on video calling 911 and caught on video calling 911 and lying that an African American man was threatening her life and her dog has been placed on administrative leave.

Caucasian woman calls 911 and lies that an African American man is threatening her life

An African American man captured the moment a Caucasian woman made a 911 call and pretended to be in distress while lying that “an African American man” is threatening her life.

to give evidence at trial of two men who allegedly raped and murdered her

A 46-year-old Argentine woman, Elizabeth Toledo was raped and murdered in the city of San Fernando in December 2018.

France elects first transgender mayor

Marie Cau has made history as the first trans person to be elected as Mayor in France.

Hong Kong Police fire teargas at citizens protesting against China's proposed security law

A protest in Hong Kong against Beijing’s controversial plan to directly impose national security laws on the semi-autonomous financial hub, took a different turn today as teargas was fired at protesters.

Mayor lies in coffin and pretends to be dead Coronavirus victim to avoid arrest after breaking curfew rules to go drinking

Jamie Rolando Urbina Torres, the mayor of a small town in Peru, lay in a coffin and pretended to be a dead Coronavirus patient to avoid being arrested.

Kim Kardashian West strips down to her underwear in racy new photos

Reality star, Kim Kardashian West put on a racy display for her fans as she stripped to her underwear in new Instagram photos

Cambridge University becomes first university in the world to axe all face-to-face lectures till 2021

Cambridge University has become the first university in the world to axe all face-to-face lectures until summer 2021 due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Trump holds full cabinet meeting but no government official is seen wearing facemask

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday evening US time, held a full cabinet meeting to discuss his administration’s Coronavirus response and how to stop the spread of the virus as over 92,000 people have died from the deadly disease in the US.

Joe Biden calls Trump's son 'sick' for suggesting he's a pedophile and says Trump is 'petty' for not wanting to hang Obama's portrait

Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has slammed Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr, saying the US president is petty for not letting the White House staff hang Barack Obama’s potrait in the White House until he leaves office while also slamming Trump Jr as a ‘sick person’ after the president’s son suggested that Biden was a paedophile.