The Painful Love

The Painful Love

Today, I will be sharing with us a story. One that will make you understand more about love and why you shouldn't take it for granted.

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Today, I will be sharing with us a story. One that will make you understand more about love and why you shouldn’t take it for granted.

Here we go

There was once a man who bought a land, after acquiring the land, he saw the prospects and the richness in the land, so decided to plant something on it.

He later planted maize and the maize was growing so great. This encouraged him and he started nurturing the farmland, taking good care of the crops, giving maximum attention, scaring away rodents.

As he was doing all these, his relatives, friends and people passing by were all warning him about one thing, “why putting all your eggs in one basket? What if someone else takes over the land and take over your harvest?” “or something happens and you are unable to reap the harvest?” But he usually answer that “it’s not possible”.

At some point, He literary spent almost all he had on the farm because he was certain that by the time he harvests, all his efforts will be rewarded and those abusing him and those calling him unintelligent will eat their words and learn something positive from his story.

At some points, what people say started getting to him and he was asking “what if these people are right, what if I’m just planting for someone else to harvest?” but still, he summoned courage and told himself “I won’t give up yet”. He continued in his normal routing of caring for his crops.

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Time to Harvest

Finally, the time to harvest is close, and he began to rejoice in advance because he knew it was time to reap and get rewarded for his sweat, he went to the farm on the D-day and saw all his crops crushed, builders working, he told himself unbelievably “I must be at the wrong farmland” then he realized that it’s real and truly it’s his farmland, out of frustration and anger, he nearly injured the contractor that ordered the builders.

fruitless effort

Who could have done this?

He is the owner of the land who initially sold it to this man but because the man has not finished paying, he sold it to a rich man who paid at once, and then decided to refund this man his half payment.

If you are the man, how would you feel? Angry, frustrated, like you should avenge? If we look at the stress wasted, the efforts, the insults received because of the land, the hope he had on the farmland, all this turned out to be fruitless efforts.

With all these, if care isn’t taken, he could commit suicide because he is already depressed, extremely angry, frustrated and thinking “how will I face the people that have warned and abused me? Where will I start from again, why is life so unfair to me?

What do you feel for the man?

Sadness, right? I want you to connect this to a relationship, this is exactly how partners feel when cheated on or dumped after investing their time, energy, love, finance, shunning all the “ are you sure this girl will not dump you later, why not have two girls….. Are you certain this guy won’t consider another girl when he hits jackpot” … etc. but despite all these, he or she ignored with the hope of harvesting all these efforts through marriage to the person.

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Bottom Line

This little story is being shared to express the pains of those who love truly. As a faithful partner, be sure of who you are investing your efforts on, there is no crime if you test such person a little to know if their land is worth your time and energy.

Also when you see someone giving you all their love and attention, be sure you reciprocate and if possible marry the person.

If you see that the feeling is not mutual, please let them know on time so that they won’t because of you hate relationship or brand all men or ladies the same.

Don’t be the reason someone will see love as scam or hurt another person as a result of the bitter taste you left in their mouth.

As usual, your thoughts and views are welcome. Cheers.


  • Great read. In that man’s shoes I would feel cheated. And you are so right in that some people do not value the time, love and sacrifice others put into a relationship but would take a walk as soon as they see a grass that looks greener.