Tips to Help you keep your relationship in 2020

Tips to Help you keep your relationship in 2020
Tips to Help you keep your relationship in 2020

So, here is 2020 and you are already thinking and hoping your relationship life becomes better, well here is the spoiler, it won’t change if you don’t change in your method of handling it. So today January 3rd, 2020, I’m releasing some tips to help you keep your relationship in 2020.

I’ve come to realize that some of us change partner easily, and then blame those partners for some reasons, if you fall into this category, then the reality is that it might not be those partners.

It could be you, which means that you either need to change some characters in you, or change your method of handling a relationship, or you might just need to change both.

That’s just an exclusive tip, but let’s move to, shall we? Lol

Tips to Help you keep your relationship in 2020

Keep Low-key relationship

Among my tips to help you keep your relationship in 2020, this is coming first because, the relationship is between you two, not you and the entire street, family, community or social media.

Most low-key relationships have high rate of success. You and your partner live your life without broadcasting to anyone. Maybe few friends know, and few families know about it- yeah, that’s cool, but don’t make it a public show.

The reason is very simple, you guys will focus more on yourselves, and if there is reason for breakup, the public won’t know because it never went public in the first place.

You don’t need to announce to the world the food you want to eat.

Oh, what if he or she is cheating? there could be a friend of mine that could know him or her—if he’s cheating and you are not, he or she will play to your hands easily, no need to give yourself headache, you deserve peace of mind.

Don’t say everything to your friends

Yeah, you’ve been telling everything to your friends in the past, if your spouse cough, it will get to your friends, whatever you two discuss doesn’t stay with you because you always do backup to your friends, I’m sure it hasn’t gone well for you. so put an end to it.

Tips to Help you keep your relationship in 2020

It’s normal they keep asking for updates, you just tell them everything is fine. Let that be your national anthem, with time, they will stop when they know your answer will be the same as always.

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Exclusive: Some friends are terrible advisers. Sure you guys get along very well, but that doesn’t make them great chancellors, note that some friends are terrible advisers.

Modify your wants in a partner

What do I mean by this? There are some of us that just wants the best of everything, the question is, do you have the best of everything to offer your partner?

Understand that relationship is meant to check if you guys are compatible, then build something serious, so you can’t start laying down rules, and how you want your partner to be.

You want a dark, handsome guy, don’t be surprised, you would find one, but he could be a wife beater, I want a beautiful lady big ass and sexy curve, trust me, you would find one but could be chronic cheater.

So, you might want to ask, what type of partner should you go for in 2020?

Before then, I also want to ask you a question, Is anything more important than your peace of mind? No, right? So why no go for someone that will give you that?

He might not be that handsome like you dreamt or rich, but as long as he’s able to love you faithfully and trying his best to be there for you. why not stick with him?

Oh yeah. I forgot, what if he becomes rich and start cheating, trust me that will be his lost, not yours, and moreover, that is just an assumption, sure a man has done that to you in the past, it doesn’t mean this will.

Exclusive: That handsomeness and sexy curve you crave are not lifetime assets.

This point is not gender specific; it goes to both genders.

Communicate more

Too much communication never ruins a relationship, so don’t allow that issue go untouched, talk to your partner about it, how your day went? Let him or her know, the more the communication, the more the bond, and the more the trust. So, don’t assume there is no reason to talk about it.

The more you sweep it under carpet, the more it will come up one day again, and before you know, it could be the reason for your separation.

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 Don’t take into your relationship, everything you read on social media

Sure, social media is fun and we learn from there, but trust me, it’s not everything on social media that works in a relationship.

Tips to Help you keep your relationship in 2020

Some people just login to social media and say stuff that are controversial, if you follow their talks and apply them to your relationship in year 2020? You could be in for a regret.

Don’t force things to happen

That will be suicidal. forcing things to happen means that your partner is not naturally interested in the relationship, but you are just trying to force him or her into rethinking about that decision.

You will put yourself under the mercy of your partner if you try that, because you will live trying to please him or her so that they won’t change their mind.

And you will be putting too much efforts than your body can take, so allow things to be natural so that the love, respect and trust will be 50/50, and that way, you won’t get drained of emotions or get stressed easily.

Define your relationship from onset

Lastly, for today, it is very important you define your relationship from onset in 2020, don’t observe him or her, just say your mind and expectation, let him or her know the type of relationship you want, and let him realize you don’t want anything lower than that, but also take note after they agree with you, watch their behaviour, some would say yes just to get what they want.

Exclusive: Ask yourself, if sex is removed from this relationship, will I still be able be stay?

Ps: Take away sex from relationship this year, trust me, it will help you see more reasons to stay or leave.

Bottom Line

Don’t waste your 2020 in fruitless relationships, if your current one is giving you headache, please sort it out with your partner or move on. Remember you are not getting any younger, so you need to define what you want for yourself this year.

With these tips to help you keep your relationship in 2020, I believe you are good to go if you follow them thoroughly. Cheers

Inbox me for your relationship issues, and we will be happy to help out or whatsapp me on 08033658453.

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