Types of Partner you should not get married to

Marriage is just like an exam, you don’t prepare for an exam in the examination hall, you prepare before the exam. And we both know that knowledge is power, but without proper knowledge, plan, and understanding of what marriage entails and how to deal with certain issues could make marriage turn to death trap or hell for one.

So today, I will be saying a few things about the type of partners you should avoid and you can still call it the type of partners you should not get married to.

First, let burst your head a little, research shows that married people are mostly happier than the singles, and they are much happier than divorced people.

Here is where I am going, the research further divided the married category into two groups, which is happy in marriage and struggling in marriage.

After the research, it was confirmed that the percentage of those happily married is extremely low compared to struggling ones.

It was then concluded that most singles are happier than the “struggling in marriage” ones. I’m sure you are not here to join the struggling train, but the successful train. So let’s move on to the types of partner you should not get married to.

Types of partners you should not get married to

  1. Doing you a favour type

It’s an act of disrespect for your partner to think they are doing you a favour by marrying you. It means they don’t see you as their type. In other words, they will never treat you right, because you are seen as a burden and they only with you because they pity you.

Why you should avoid the “doing you a favour type”

  • You beg for attention
  • Begging to be loved
  • You beg to be treated right
  • They cheat on you for fun
  • They make you look like you are the problem of the relationship because you complains about their attitude
  • In the habit of tolerating such fellow, you lose your self respect in the relationship

Now lets move on friend

  • Domestic Violence type

This is mostly attributed to men, so this is an advice to women or ladies, if your husband to be have ever slapped you or beat you up, I don’t think you need a wise man to tell you what awaits you in the future.

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Let me be real with you, one of the reasons most marred women are not happy in marriage today is domestic violence. Planning to marry a physically abusive man is a one-way ticket to grave because there will be a day he will hit you in a place that will first send you to a hospital before death, that’s if you are lucky enough not to die on the spot.

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I’m sure you don’t want your kids to grow up without proper parental love, or having bad experience about marriage at their tender age.

  • Cheating Partner

First, let’s quickly talk about lying. understand that a lying partner is a potential cheater, so before you think of marrying him or her, if they lie a lot, trust me, you are dating a cheater or a potential one. Now, let’s continue

We all make mistakes, that’s normal, but no one is addicted to making the same mistake over and over again. if your partner once cheated on you but has stopped, then that’s fine, after all, he or she has made amends.

But when it becomes something of a normal routine, he or she cheats, you forgive, cheats again, you forgive, and on and on thinking they will change after marriage, you are lying to yourself.

If they can’t change before marriage, no miracle will happen after marriage. If you are thinking of the type of partners you should not get married to, then don’t make the mistake of accepting the proposal of a cheater who is still showing signs of cheating.

Cheating continuously is a personal decision, not a conditional decision. So marriage won’t change that, only they can work on themselves. Avoid these types of partners.

  • Easily Upset type

Among types of partner you should not get married to, this type should not be taken lightly, as man, you don’t want your properties destroyed out of anger, and as a woman, be watchful, a man with anger issues is a potential wife-beater.

So if you have a partner with an anger issue, either encourage them to change before thinking of marriage or move on. Don’t forget friend, your well being is very important.

  • Commitment Issues type
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It’s not every partner that rejects marriage proposal that is making mistake, only the partner knows what he or she wants. It is never okay to think of marrying someone that is not committed to the relationship.

As I’ve said earlier, marriage doesn’t come with a miracle, you prepare for it while you are not there.

So if your partner is not showing enough commitment, you might need to think of the future consequence before saying “Yes”

If he or she doesn’t take a relationship seriously, then nothing will happen in marriage.

  • The type that includes third party

Some partners are loosed when it comes to keeping things secret, be careful. If you are in a relationship with someone that involves people outside the relationship every time there is misunderstanding or issues, either good or bad. Trust me, your relationship is open to attack.

This is because such a partner will be loaded with wrong advises that could destroy the relationship forgetting that not many people want what you have. So be rest assured the relationship is between you and your partner only and not 3,4,5,6 people. If not, getting married to basket mouth will make the marriage a public display and such marriage could lack peace.

  • Mummy’s Boy or mama’s daughter.

Lastly, don’t think of getting married to someone that can’t make a decision alone.  A woman wants a man that will stand and make decisions like a man, not some “my mom says” or “let me ask my mom”

Guys, it’s okay if she is mama’s daughter but it’s not okay if everything that happens between you guys is always broadcasted to mom or dad.

So be calm and be watchful, avoid partners like this.

Bottom line

Understand that marriage is not a bondage, it is meant to be enjoyed, so don’t be too in a hurry to accept someone that will make your life and marriage hell. Now that you know the type of partners you should not get married to, take your time, study each other, don’t forget you still have forever to live together.

Marriage is not all rosy, that is correct, but it should be dealing with some characters that you can live with. Note that all the things listed here can break a home, so avoid them, so these are the types of partner you should not get married to.

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