8 Reasons Celebrity Marriages crash

Celebrity Marriages

Naturally, one would think that celebrities should have the most lasting marriages, but the rate at which their marriages and relationship crash is alarming. Today, I will be taking a closer look into why Celebrity Marriages crash.

Before then, if you are not in a hurry, I would love to dive into why Celebrity Marriage was expected to last longer:

Why Celebrity Marriages were expected to last longer?

The reason is a very simple and straightforward one. We all believe celebrities technically have everything they desired, and most importantly is money and fame.

So, if money isn’t the problem, that means money isn’t enough to sustain a marriage. So what else can be say is the reason celebrity’s marriage crash? Lets find out

Why Celebrity Marriages crash?


This isn’t hard to guess because being financially buoyant and fame naturally comes with a price, only very few people can control the power of money.

Here is how most of them think in marriages:

“I’m a celebrity, so I shouldn’t take shit. You have your money, I have mine, there is nothing you can control that I can’t”

Celebrity Marriages

Ego in Female celebrities: Majority are not correctable, they feel they are always right and forgot that they are a woman meant to be loved, they mostly forgot their husband is the head, and should be respected like one.

Ego in Male celebrities: Most male celebrities don’t have regard for their woman. Because they are the man of the house and also a celebrity, that pride or ego automatically takes over even inside their home.

The Belief that they are wanted by all

This mentality alone contributes more to their ego, that feeling that they can easily get the attention of any partner they want further makes some of them misbehave in their homes or relationships.

In Female Celebrities: This belief further makes it hard for most female celebrities to have a home. Their husband say is secondary.

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The feeling that if their husband misbehaves or wants to leave, someone else is on the que already. This is the major reason most female celebrities have more than one two husbands in their life time.

In Male Celebrities: being wanted by all has exposed many men to cheating despite being in marriage or in a relationship that looked promising.

Some even cheat deliberately knowing fully well even if they are divorced, another woman would be happy to receive them, after all, they are celebrity and the fame is there to get them whom ever they want.

Family Pressure

Being a celebrity has its side effect as well, especially for a female celebrity. Majority doesn’t end up with that man that love them truly, they mostly end up with someone that probably wants to be with them for the fame and money.

And with family pressuring them to get married and have a home, most celebrities have been victims of bad marriage and domestic violence.

CNN correspondent Stephanie Busari

CNN correspondent Stephanie Busari recently narrated how family pressure drove her into bad marriage full of regret.

This isn’t surprising as most female celebrities encounter this problem. Her only mistake was allowing the pressure get to her.

With family pressure, if one is not careful, bad marriage could be certain.


This has destroyed many marriages, and being a celebrity can even make it worse. some compare their marriage to that of their friend, forgetting that every relationship isn’t the same, and should be given time to grow.

So instead of thinking of how to make their own marriage grow and be better, some of them will conclude that maybe their partner is the problem. So they will start frustrating the efforts of the partner, and finding fault at everything he or she does.

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So, another reason Celebrity Marriages crash is as a result of them comparing their marriage to that of their friends or what they watch on movies, forgetting that without making efforts, nothing can work automatically

Listening to Friends

This has ended many modern marriages, talk less of celebrities’ marriages. Always remember that you should love your friends, but that doesn’t make them good cancelers.

Most friends will not tell you that you are at fault when you table matters, they will only blame your partner instead of looking for how to settle things between you two.

Celebrity Marriages

Most celebrities listen to their colleagues in making decisions and that alone has destroyed many of their marriages.

Lack of Commitment

The fame that comes with being a celebrity has made many celebrities feels big, in fact, too big to be committed. Majority feels like they are too big to be told what to do while others feel relationship or marriage drains them of their personal freedom.


Celebrity Marriages

Of course, whoever has commitment issues will definitely be prone to cheating. In fact, 95% of Celebrity Marriages crash as a result of cheating, most especially in the Europe. The recent separation between American singer Khelani and YG was as a result of cheating

Domestic Violence

Lastly I will be talking Domestic Violence, this area doesn’t favour the rich or the poor, which means that celebrities can end up being aggressively attacked by their partner.

But what can cause domestic violence in celebrities marriages are listed and explained here.

Bottom Line

In essence, most of the reasons why celebrity marriages crash is because majority of them allow the fame get into their head, forgetting that they are humans and not GOD.  While very few tried to make it work, majority took it with levity hands.

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