Why do Evil People Succeed?

Most of the time we ask ourselves why evil people keep succeeding? The answer is right in front of our faces but maybe because we don’t know or we just didn’t believe that’s the solution. Today, we will be answering that question “why do evil people succeed?” we will be taking a very brief look into what makes evil or evil people succeed.

First, what are the evil things happening in our society?

  • People boldly harassing others and threatening them
  • Ladies being asked to open their legs to get a job
  • Bosses beating housemaid as if they are not humans
  • Politicians boldly embezzling people’s money
  • Rich people stepping on poor people’s toes
  • Stepmothers killing or maltreating someone else’s kid
  • People giving excuses for rapists
  • People defending domestic violence
  • Policemen harassing and killing people
  • The house of God is now the den of thieves
  • Religious leaders sleeping with members and defiling little girls.

All these things mentioned keeps happening and keeps increasing and increasing with no change.

Some of us ask questions like “is God really seeing all these” “why is God not killing them” “or doesn’t God exists”. These questions are not the right questions to ask. The questions to ask are “I’m I a good person? What am I doing to stop this evil?” in other words, what is necessary for evil people to keep being confident about their evil deeds and plan is because of you?

Why do evil people succeed?

This question is simple, you know why, it’s like saying why do fire succeed in burning down a house? Naturally, we all know that fire will only succeed in burning down a house when there is no water to quench it or when the water is not enough.

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So when asked why do Evil people succeed? We can equally say evil people succeed because good people do nothing. Now the next big question is, why do they do nothing or Why have I done nothing?

Why do good people do nothing?
  • Fear
  • Ignorance
  • No assistance
evil people

Ignorance is something battling a lot of us, maybe if we know the repercussion of our silence, they will understand it’s not only dangerous to people around but this evil could one day be the turn of any families.


Not everyone wishes to do nothing, majority have interest in standing up against evil but are afraid of their life. This fear is mostly associated with Africa, and it’s part of the reasons why Africa is not developed and also one of the major reasons false belief is working on Africans.

In this aspect, potential up-standers are afraid they could be attacked or killed for standing up for what is right.

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No assistance

Most people want to do something, some are tired and ready to do whatever it takes to restore sanity, but no backup. Sometimes you need help in every way to achieve such goal. So when there is no help from anywhere, one becomes weary.

Still, we need to understand that God will not come down to stop evil when He has people like you with a good heart right here, the most developed society today did not sit when everything was going wrong.

So stop being afraid to challenge evil, don’t be afraid to say your mind irrespective of who is involved. It’s better to be known for being vocal than been known for coward attitude.

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If you decided to keep quiet and swallow it, one day they will spread their evil to your family, your loved ones or you. So what would you do then? So don’t wait, stand up and take a stand.

And if your family has been affected before, you can be a hero by fighting for others because now you know how it feels. We will help you broadcast any evil thing or events happening in your society and you want the world to know about irrespective of your country.

Just message us either picture or videos on info@braveachiever.com  

Bottom Line

Evil people succeed because good people do nothing. So stand up and use any medium to report injustice, and now the internet is the easiest if you are scared and want the world to know about it.

Don’t hesitate to drop your comment as it will go a long way. Cheers.

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