Women: How Extreme Nagging Affects Your Partner

As sweet as relationship or marriage could be, Extreme nagging will never have a positive effect, instead, it kills the joy and love that partners have for each other. So, to what extent does nagging affect your marriage if not controlled? Let’s see:

Negative Effects of nagging in marriage

It pushes your partner out

When you are nagging, and it becomes too much, you are indirectly disturbing his peace of mind, and if he can’t get peace of mind in a place he sees as home, then he might be tempted to just going out to cool off, and before you know it, he starts loving life outside his home than his original home.

nagging woman won’t give husband rest
It makes them love hangouts instead of spending time with family

Not everyman loved staying out with friends from the beginning of their marriage, some actually learnt it as a means of avoiding or having minimal nagging problem with their house.

Such men hang out with friends all day instead of family mainly because they know their partner won’t give them that peace they crave for after a stressful day or week. This in return, is affecting the marriage as it creates more and more distance between spouses.

Turns them to a drunkard

Whether you want to hear it or not, a nagging woman risks the chance of turning his husband or partner to drunkard.

You might not know, but such men get depressed, go to the bar, think about how bad their home is and before they know it, they’ve finished some bottles, stand up, go home and just go straight to bed ignoring whatever their partner is saying.

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Before you know it, they become addicted and it becomes an everyday thing.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence doesn’t just start without something triggering it.

Extreme nagging could push your partner to do what they never thought they could do.

I always tell people “In everyman (women inclusive), there is a beauty and a beast”, excessive nagging could push the man to the beast side and mistakenly hit you, and before you know it, that mistake turns to addiction.

Especially for a drunk partner that might not even be in his right sense at the moment, domestic violence could come in.

May we don’t know that Domestic Violence have adverse effect on kids

Make them start coming home late

This can easily be connected to hanging out and getting drunk. A partner that does any of those two will eventually start coming home late.

Such behaviour is viewed by them as the best way to avoid getting upset and having peace of mind. They just come home and go straight to bed without paying much attention their partner.

They become secretive

Someone you shout at, complain every time over things that you could have let go, such men will become secretive because he won’t be able to trust you with anything.

What is even the assurance that if he tells you anything, you won’t broadcast to your friends or while complaining, neighbours could even hear the secret.

Let’s be real, even you will not trust your secret or future plan to someone that is not giving you peace of mind. It’s as simple as that.

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Expose them to cheating

Not every man wishes to cheat, but bad marriage or let me say a nagging wife could expose her partner to another woman that will see it as an opportunity.

Cheating his wife, young men chatting with his mistress while his wife sleeps

It could be while hanging out that they come across another woman and while chatting, their emotional trauma could be exposed and the woman could use that hole to enter their heart.

And sometimes it could be their place of work, maybe a colleague is there secretly interested and he has been closing that door, he could eventually think of friendship, from there to lunch and that could turn out to be what you will be having sleepless nights over.

Bottom Line

Nagging is good when it is done moderately because it somehow a method of reminding your part to do what they are expected to do, but in a very low percentage. The moment it becomes an everyday thing or becoming much, then it’s toxic, either in relationship or marriage.

So, whatever you want to complain about, let it be in a polite manner, consider the stressful day of your man or the stressful week. He has come home to rest because he loves you and believes you are the best person to give him rest.

But when you don’t give him that rest, but instead makes things worse, he could be push to finding that rest somewhere else and while looking, he could be exposed to your worst fears. Feel free to comment and shares.

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